What to Expect

Once you have made a decision to set an appointment with Cornerstone you may contact us through our online link or call our offices at 918-392-4008.

At that time our staff will work with you to set an appointment that fits your schedule and financial needs. We have various therapy options available to accommodate your financial needs including intern therapists that can work with individuals on a much tighter budget.

We ask that all individuals interested in counseling services please refrain from using finances as a deterrent from seeking help. Please contact our offices for more information about financial options.

Initial Session

In the initial session, your counselor will help you define what you would like to gain from the counseling experience. After the assessment, your counselor will work with you to develop a plan to help you meet your particular goals.


We respect your right to confidentiality and will guard that right as we are permitted by law and our ethical standards. We will not divulge information you disclose, except in the following situations: (a) you threaten to harm yourself or others, (b) you ask us to disclose information to a third party, (c) there is reasonable suspicion of neglect or abuse against a minor child, an elderly person (65 or older), or a dependent adult, or (d) we are ordered to disclose information by a judge or court order.

Affordable Rates

Our counseling center is committed to bringing professional counseling to everyone at an affordable rate. This is accomplished by accepting third party reimbursements such as insurance and sponsorships, as well giving the option to see an intern,  LMFT candidate, or a licensed therapist.


Our therapists approach counseling from a systemic point of view. This means that in the course of therapy, emphasis will be placed on relational patterns and interaction.