Functional & Integrated Health Services

Our functional and integrative health services are directed by Lindsey Nieman RDN LD LMFT CLT BCN. Lindsey’s educational background in mental health, nutrition, natural medicine, and brain health/physiology make her the perfect practitioner for this program. Assisting with this program is Salena Young, a trained Neurofeedback technician. Both Lindsey and Salena look forward to helping clients achieve their health goals and become more confident in their health journey.

The goal of functional medicine is to find the underlying root cause of dysfunction or disease and restore health. Functional medicine practitioners take a systems approach to restoring health by looking at how the body functions as a whole and how each body system can influence another. Functional medicine gathers information about genetic predisposition (nature) and environmental triggers (nurture) to find optimal health for each individual. Practitioners take a complete history including nutrition, sleep, stress, spirituality, mental and emotional well-being as well as other lifestyle factors that can impact health. Only treatment that focuses on root cause discovery will have lasting effects on health and well-being.

Integrative medicine focuses on using multiple health modalities to individualize treatment for patients. For example, integrative medicine practitioners may use massage for stress relief, diet and exercise, hypnotherapy and talk therapy to help a patient with anxiety. Using multiple modalities is often helpful to achieve optimal treatment results. An integrative health professional is knowledgeable about many forms of treatment that can all be integrated into a patient’s health care plan.

Clients that are interested in getting to the root cause of their symptoms and are aiming to use a combination of treatment strategies to achieve optimal health will benefit from our functional and integrative health services. Our practitioners will take a complete health history and work on a plan to help you achieve your health goals. At Cornerstone, we aim to have many of the integrative services under one roof for ease of the client. Feel free to browse all of the services offered at Cornerstone to see why we are a great fit for your integrative and functional health needs.

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