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3 common responses to an affair.

After the affair is known.. Once an affair is revealed, the non-offending spouse is left questioning everything.  Most will readily admit that they were not perfect and they knew of issues that needed to be worked on, but will seldom … Continue reading

Infidelity Truths - Cornerstone Christian Counseling - Couples Therapy

The Infidelity Trap

Infidelity Truths Infidelity is one of the most devastating blows a marriage can experience.  The current statistics surrounding infidelity are alarming at best and downright frightening when you find yourself in the odds.  Some estimations say 30-60% of marriages will … Continue reading

Cornerstone Thoughts

One in five couples is considered to be in a sexless marriage, which is defined by couples connecting once or fewer times every two weeks, with the majority of them connecting ten or fewer times per year. Today’s society has become hyper-focused on sex. Continue reading